Travel Agent Cover Letter

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Dear :

I am responding to your Elm Street News ad for a travel agent because the position offers the opportunity to act on a very firm conviction of mine: that every business is a service business and, to succeed, must address the distinct needs of each customer.

The ability to deliver high-quality, responsive service is vital in the travel industry and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you hire me.

My resume, which is enclosed, details my background. Although I have been out of the workforce for several years, I have hardly been idle. As a hospital volunteer, president of the PTA, wife, and mother, I have dealt with a wide variety of people. In every case, I assess the individual’s needs and how to address them most effectively.

As a very active consumer, I am well aware of the importance of prompt, attentive service¾and painfully aware that it is rare these days. If you’re looking for a hard worker and quick learner to provide superior service and to promote customer satisfaction, you’ve found one.

I hope you’ll give me call at (425) 555-0177 so that we can meet. Thank you for this opportunity to discuss my qualifications.


Travel Agent Cover Letter Sample

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