Service Consultant Cover Letter

Service Consultant Cover Letter

The following Service Consultant Cover Letter sample is for a Service Consultant Cover Letter. Cover letters for job applications , letter of recommendations, follow ups (interview and joining), thanking (acceptance and rejection), suggestions are an effort to cover all the requirement of  a Service Consultant Cover Letter. Visitors can feel free to use these cover letters and alter them accordingly as per their need. Use of these Service Consultant Cover Letters is restricted to personal use and not for any other website’s use.

January 16, 2012

Dear ,
Will you let us save you $5,000?  $10,000?  $100,000?
We will review every facet of your telephone system, including:

  • toll and usage billing
  • service and equipment
  • pricing from Bell and other interconnect vendors

Then we will develop a matrix of costs for your equipment and facilities by location, present current-value cash flow analysis for alternatives, and provide a complete report of short and long-term actions that will generate substantial savings and provide better services for your company.

The enclosed proposal outlines the details of what we will do and how successful we have been at doing this for other companies.  In fact, we guarantee you will save no less than $5,000 a year as a result of our efforts.
I will call after you have had a chance to review our proposal.


Service Consultant Cover Letter Sample


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