Resume Enclosure Cover Letter

The following Resume Enclosure Cover Letter sample is for a Resume Enclosure Cover Letter. Cover letters for job applications , letter of recommendations, follow ups (interview and joining), thanking (acceptance and rejection), suggestions are an effort to cover all the requirement of a Resume Enclosure Cover Letter. Visitors can feel free to use these cover letters and alter them accordingly as per their need. Use of these Resume Enclosure Cover Letters is restricted to personal use and not for any other website’s use.

Dear [Click here and type recipient’s name],

We spoke on Wednesday afternoon and, as promised, here is a copy of my resume. Since it has been AGES since I have circulated one, I would welcome any suggestions or advice.

I’m also enclosing copies of:

•Comparative market analyses of male fine apparel purchasers in New York and Chicago, which I conducted for a French clothing retailer.
•A report I compiled for an organic foods company exploring the efficacy of expanding into the South.
•A proposal for a focus group to help a major airline assess the popularity of new routes and frequent flyer program enhancements.

Call me whenever you like with questions. I can be reached at either phone number this weekend. (I work from home.) My work number is also an automatic fax.


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