Network Administrator Cover Letter

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April 12, 2011

RE:  Your ad for a Network Administrator, City Times, 11/20/0X

Dear ,

Your advertisement addresses my qualifications so ideally, one would think we have met. And we should¾because I can offer you the precise skills for which you are searching.

You seek the ability to:  Do I possess? 
Train and support local and remote area network users.  YES 
Plan and support Windows NT–based local area network.  YES 
Manage security, capacity planning, database support for SQL Server database and maintain LAN/nationwide office links.  YES 
Deal effectively with Windows and provide SQL Server database support. YES and YES 

I hope you’ll agree that your needs and my capabilities are a perfect match because it would be a thrill to join a firm with the technological talent yours employs.

In fact, I am not currently in the job market, but am responding only to your ad. Therefore, I would appreciate maintaining confidentiality.  Please contact me at home at (555) 456–7890 evenings or weekends, or by mail at the address printed above. I would be pleased to set up a meeting whenever it is convenient for you.


Network Administrator Cover Letter

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